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MEL by Bravanariz at Indigo Perfumery

Solid Olfactory Digressions

A limited edition with organic beeswax and honey

MEL is our first solid perfume and the result of a long collaboration with bees, our winged harvest companions. Made from organic beeswax (from the hives installed in our Bee Brave pilot project in Can Bech de Baix) and sweet almond oil from organic farming. Its soft texture hydrates and nourishes your skin while it perfumes you with its honeyed fragrance. On the top of that we add a wonderful combination of natural essential oils from honey plants, which serve as food for our environmental heroes. The result is a warm and welcoming perfume, enormously gentle and seductive with that wild touch that characterizes us.

Notes: Elderflower, linden, immortelle, neroli, beeswax

Perfumer: Ernesto Collado

Limited edition, only 300 bottles available worldwide

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