Narcissus Naturals Notebook by Nez

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Narcissus: A Nez Naturals Notebook at Indigo Perfumery

Its name comes from the Greek narkè, meaning numbing, and no other description could better define this plant with narcotic power. The narcissus is the very picture of delicacy; its fragrance is anything but. In the field, it exudes a heady odor resembling jasmine and ylang-ylang. Its striking character is best expressed when the flower is processed into an absolute. In this form, it is a motley vixen – at once green, spicy, white floral, hay-like, honeyed and animalic.


Nez + LMR* - Natural Notebooks - 96 pages 

AuthorsÉléonore de Bonneval, Jeanne Doré, Will Inrig, Clara Muller & Delphine de Swardt

Published April 11, 2019 

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