NEZ Olfactory Magazine #7 at Indigo

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NEZ Olfactory Magazine #7 at Indigo Perfumery

  Perfume / Society / Science / Art / Culture

Spring / Summer 2019

Nez is the premier olfactory magazine/book in the world today. Published bi-annually in France and available here at Indigo, each addition asks fascinating questions relating to perfume, our olfactory system and all things smell. It provides an insight into the vital role that olfactory sensations play in our lives in a novel approach that encompasses art, literature, science, history, food and perfume.

The seventh edition of Nez examines the numerous, complex connections that link odours and animality. Nez #7 issue addresses such questions as 

~ How do animals use their sensitive noses?

~What is a vegan fragrance?

~ Is the human sense of smell really as ancillary to our other senses as we think it is?


Four insightful snapshots.

Everything you always wanted to know about smell but were afraid to ask.

Invisible yet undeniable, smells feature in all creative fields.

An overview of the wild side of olfaction through the prism of history, zoology, perfumery and gastronomy

From consumer products to works of art, Nez goes behind the scenes of the perfume industry, and also appraises 30 new fragrances making the news.

Printed in English. 144 pages

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