Ngutu Pa

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Ngutu Pa by Curionoir at Indigo Perfumery

Ngutu Pā is the eleventh extrait de Parfume to join the range of fine character fragrances at Curionoir.

Ngutu Pā, meaning Lips that Touch in the Māori language, is the latest captivating, non-binary parfum to be released by Curionoir.

Deeply inspired by sensual tales from tawhito Māori pūrakāu (old Māori tales), Tiffany Witehara accompanies Ngutu Pā with the poem, "I like my body when it is with your..." by E.E. Cummings, translated for Nugutu Pā by the formidable Māori language tutor, consultant, certified translator, script writer and editor, Te Haumihiata (Ngāti Pamgo, Te Arawa).

Ngutu Pā as a fragrance is deep, earthy, animalistic and complex. It arrives with an other worldly bodily presence. Then, once the liquid becomes one with the wearer, it smooths.

Notes of Cinnamon, Nargomotha, Angelica, Cedarwood, Cacao, Orris, Rose Absolute, Rockrose, Oud, Vanilla and Castoreum


"This parfum has taken some time to create. I wanted to make sure once applied to the skin, it was evocative and deeply sensual without being sexual, yet carried the literal element of intimate interactions from the translated poem."  -Tiffany Witehira

Family: Woody

50 ml. Extrait de Parfum, 4 ml. Extrait Pocket Parfum, .7 ml. sample


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