Oriental Velours by Les Indemodables

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Oriental Velours by Les Indemodables at Indigo Perfumery


Just as velour fabric is soft and plush, Oriental Velours is a soft-to-the-touch fragrance brightened with vetiver and spruce. The myrrh resin is its focus, with Madagascan vanilla rounding its edges. Its beauty will envelop you with its seduction.


Notes: Indian Jasmine alcoolat* "Grand Cru"  5%, Madagascan vanilla "Grand Cru"  2.5%, Somalian myrrh  15%, Haitian vetiver :Grand Cru"  10%, Alpine Spruce Oil

Perfumer: Florence Fouillet Dubois

Family: Oriental, Woody

50 ml. EdP, 1 ml. spray sample

 *Acoolat is the “freshest” version of a botanical on its way to becoming an absolute, with more top notes than the absolute version. A portion of the alcohol that is evaporated to create the absolute is used in order to retain the freshness of the botanical.

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