Oudh Infini by Dusita

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$ 5.00
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Oudh Infini by Dusita at Indigo Perfumery

Oudh Infini, with rich Agarwood and a sensual Siamese note of Benzoin and Sandalwood, channels the joy of exotic adventure & discovery at Indigo Perfumery.

The opening is a unique blend of rich Oude Palao from Laos and precious Rose de Mai, balanced by the sweetness of Tunisian Orange Flower Blossom.

At the heart, opulent, balsamic notes of Siamese benzoin blend with the sensual warmth of Indian Sandalwood from Mysore.

The base notes are a long-lasting harmony of Vanilla Absolute from madagascar, a fabulously rich and rare note of Musk and the sensuality of Civet. 

Perfumer:  Pissara Umavijani 

50 ml. EXTRAIT spray, 7.5 ml. Travelsize and .5 ml. glass spray sample

"Dawn in the sky: a tiny stream of gold flows and expands, imperceptibly, until it covers the whole sky and turns itself into silver."       -Montri Umavijani

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