Paper Flower Fan Probiotic Hair Parfum

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Paper Flower Fan Probiotic Hair Parfum by Prosody London at Indigo Perfumery  

Parfum for hair with Probiotic goodness


A ground-breaking EAU DE COLOGNE NATUREL for hair. 

A water-based perfume without alcohol- hence the product is non-drying for your hair. 

Formulated with hair treatment serum blends of Irish moss, Jojoba oil and Marula oil which moisturize, smooth and detangle hair and reduces breakage and split ends.

Innovative probiotic ingredients from kimchi and coconut extract provides your hair with extra conditioning qualities as well as providing helpful antimicrobial function to the formula, without nasty preservatives.

Inspired by Puccini’s Madam Butterfly 

A flower girl dances on a brilliant stage decked with yellow freesias. Her music a sumptuous citrus melody – Tahitian lime, Sicilian lemon, Sichuan mandarin. Beneath her nimble feet, a thousand petals raise her with scent, a weightless human butterfly.

Because hair retains scent easily, Paper Flower Fan will continue to freshen your scent all day.

Top: Lime, Lemon, Carnation

Heart: Ylang, Freesia, Clove

Base: Cabrueva, Benzoin, Ambrette Seed

30 ml. spray



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