Phloem by Jorum Studio

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$ 5.00
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Phloem by Jorum Studio at Indigo Perfumery

Like a neon trident, vascular blooms rip through mercurial waters. Candied rosé sky floods the costal cottage provoking lucid dreams of obsessive Selkie skin-love, lips smack with saline dab.


Phloem is a diabolical assemblage of odourants that should oppose, but somehow attract, a balancing act of contradicting raw materials blended instinctually to create a surprising and diffusive bouquet.

Sweetness is tempered with spices that hinder Phloem from sliding into tooth-achingly sweet territory. A damp note of nutty driftwood and hot gooey styrax gum continues deep into the fade.

Phloem is hallucinogenic vapour with a marbled psychedelic development.

Notes: Passion Fruit, Rhubarb, Mulberry, Nasturtium, Honeysuckle, Blaeberry, Camellia, Oysterplant, Meadowsweet, Gorse, Ambrette, Sesame, Amyris, Tonka Bean Absolute

Perfumer: Euan McCall

30 ml EdP, 1 ml. glass spray sample 

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