Rose de Jamal by Les Indemodables

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Rose de Jamal by Les Indemodables at Indigo Perfumery

Rose de Jamal, with an “avant-gardiste” construction, marches far from the classical use of rose in floral perfumes. Upon smelling Rose de Jamal, you probably will realize you are smelling the REAL thing- no synthetic rose here!

Les Indemodables uses many botanicals exclusively grown by Jamal Chaboun, their partner in Morocco. The Damascena roses come from his plantations (along with mimosa, neroli, orris, mint and cedarwood, among others): Rose de Jamal was named to acknowledge the beauty of his botanical Moroccan ingredients.   

One sniff will tell you that Antoine Lie's creation reflects the stunning beauty of the rose, presented with creativity and challenging the idea that a rose fragrance is feminine. With the additions of mint, lavender and cedarwood, Rose de Jamal claims no specific gender.


Notes: Moroccan Damascene Rose absolute  5.5%, Morocan Naneh Mint, Immortelle flowers, Moroccan Cedarwood oil  2.8%, Pink pepper CO2 from Madagascar  1.7%, French Lavande (Lavender) fine oil  0.7%

Perfumer: Antoine Lie

Family: Floral, Aromatic, Woody

50 ml. EdP, 1 ml. spray sample

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