Rusty Vibes

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Rusty Vibes by Antonio Alessandria Parfums 

Antonio Alessandria has created his personal tribute to the celebration of Çafleurebon's 10th anniversary. 

Antonio reflects:

"The first time I saw the image from Alex Musgrave, I had a feeling of corrupted beauty. I hadn’t seen only dried flowers, but at first sight I immediately linked the image with the representation of iron flowers oxidizing and getting reddish and orange. The lines movement of the picture reveals a tension to the upper side and the flowers on the top have turned to rusty hues. So I imagined that rust could represent the completion of corrupted beauty.

The bright light on the right side of the picture made me think of a mirror game: corruption on the left and transfiguration on the right. I felt in this picture a duality between purity and corruption. This is the reason why I imagined a fragrance that could talk about a quest for beauty in the circle of life, from purity to corruption. The circle of life starts from a flower that becomes a fruit, then the fruit becomes ripe, before decaying.

I envisioned the possibility to represent the beauty of both purity - the flower - and corruption - the ripe fruit. But I didn’t want to forget my first impression of rusty iron flowers and I tried to give the fragrance a slight evil sparkle infusing the fruity notes with a sulphuric vibe. In the base I wanted a comfortable effect, enveloping and calming like pure beauty. This was my interpretation of the image that drove me to the formulation of “Rusty Vibes”. 

Since the beginning, Çafleurebon has focused on artistic perfumery and trusted in perfumery as a form of art, thanks to the vision of Michelyn Camen. Bringing attention to the world of artistic perfumery is crucial in promoting the work and efforts of a crowd of people who believes in perfumes as a way of expression.

But Ms. Camen was also able to inspire the work of perfumers with her effort in exploring all aspects of olfaction through an artistic lens and with her countless posts on social networks covering every form of art and culture. Conceptualizing Alex Musgrave’s picture and extrapolating its deep meaning as a source of inspiration for the formulation of “Rusty Vibes” is a tribute to the mission of Çafleurebon in the world of artistic perfumery, but also a form of witness that perfumes and art are deeply linked.

The inspiration of the quest for beauty in the circle of life is strictly related to the research conducted by Çafleurebon in the world of artistic perfumery: we both search for beauty in all forms of expression, from the purest to the more decadent.

Top Notes: Passion fruit, Coconut, Ripe tropical fruits

Heart Notes: Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Yellow flowers accord

Base Notes: Patchouli, Blonde woods, Vanilla, Tonka bean, Incense, Amber, Milky musks.

50 ml. EdP, available in the U.S. only at Indigo Perfumery


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