Smeraldo by Sylvaine Delacourte

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Smeraldo by Sylvaine Delacourte at Indigo Perfumery

Smeraldo, one of Sylvaine Delacourte's La collection Muscs and which means emerald in Italian, has a spontaneous character. If Smeraldo were a colour it would be green.

Sylvaine describes: "I wanted to create a perfume that was both detoxifying and purifying, like the fresh air in the morning, so I created a shock between two worlds: the liveliness which comes from the freshness of plants and the softness which comes from the musk."

The Musky heart of Smeraldo is enlivened with the freshness of green plants. There are citrus peaks with the introduction of intriguing yuzu that alternate between striking green notes from angelica root and resin green notes from the mastic tree. The base notes are vibrant and dynamic, embodied by the vetiver roots from Haiti.

Notes: Yuzu, Angelica Root, Mastic Tree, Hawthorn, Pear, Rose, Lime, Musks, Vetiver, Leaf Cedar

Family: Green, Musky

100 ml. EdP spray, 1 ml. spray sample

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