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SPIRITCASK by Jorum Studio

Held in the customs house, the wistful spiritmaker plunges their head into the last empty barrel, where cooper-fired sweet nothings whisper and swirl.

Place reference: Queen's Dock, Glasgow

Jorum Studio are back once again with a tempting addition to the brand’s sell-out Scottish Odyssey collection: Spiritcask.
Instead of focusing purely on the finished dram, Spiritcask explores the whisky making process as a whole with a focus on the oak casks used to store the legendary spirit – capturing the very process by which sympathetic aromatics (what was in the oaken cask before? Sherry? Wine? Rum?) leach from cooper-fired vessels into whistle-clean new-make while aging into something sweet, dark, rich and woody.

The Extrait de Parfum boasts a spirited opening – the rush of pear-like new-make with dried fruit and velvety floral elements – deepening into multifaceted woods and leather with a rich, caramel-coffee-vanilla sweetness. A gratifyingly realistic oak-cask note is present throughout: ‘We were determined to capture the experience of sticking your head inside an empty whisky cask – those complex
residual scents are so compelling’ noted in-house perfumer Euan McCall.

IMPRESSION: New Make, Ylang-Ylang, Pear, Chamomile, Malt, Cognac, Jasmine, Rum Absolute.

FADE: Leather, Cocoa, Maple, Cedarwood, Whisky Lactone, Caramel, Labdanum, Guaiacwood, Coffee, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Oakwood Extract.

 Perfumer: Euan McCall

30 ml Extrait de Parfum, 1 ml. glass spray sample

Made in Scotland


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