Summer in Paro

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Summer in Paro by hima jomo at Indigo Perfumery

In the heart of the hidden forest, scorched trees grow with golden tears of resin – their scent imbued with the sweet ambrosial aroma of honey.


Paro, ‘The Castle on the Jewel’ in local language, is located in the western part of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery, built in 1692, sits on a 900-meter cliff face in the Paro Valley.

Around the monastery, coniferous trees cover the valley like guardians and messengers. As the temperature rises, the tree trunks shed golden tears and the resinous scent hovers in the mist. The serene smoky fragrance is like a prophecy of the secret world.

Walking deeper into the forest, the beehive on the cliff face emits a sweet, ambrosial scent that surrounds everything, colliding with the faint burning incense of the monastery.
The sky powders the taiga, waving velvety down over the vert-de-bronze of the pines.

Summer in Paro is a blessed scent that drifts far away, through the green, through the dreams of last night. A dream of horses’ hooves on stone, leaving behind a fragrance that belongs there alone…


Top Notes: Timur pepper (Nepal), Petitgrain, Honey

Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Benjoin, Amyris

Base Notes: Fir balsam, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Labdanum

Perfumer: Delphine Thierry

Family: Woody, Amber, Floral

50ml. Eau de Parfum, 1 ml. spray sample

95% natural origin ingredient
Gender-free scent
Made in France


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