Tango by Masque Milano

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 Tango by Masque Milano  at Indigo Perfumery


A mid-summer night. The bower in full bloom, large wooden tables, a liquor. And music.

Whispers all around you, the party is merry. The soft music in the background gets gradually louder. A crescendo. A glass, another glass. Ron y miel. Inebriating, amber nectar. Inebriating as the smell of the blooming jasmine, carried along by the warm summer gusts. A crescendo. You meet her gaze – she whispers a couple of words. You spot it – it is Lunfardo. Your forehead drenched with sweat. Salt melts in the sugar of the liquor. The shuffling Gotan rhythm makes you brave, the night and the tango are on your side.
A crescendo. Deafening summons. The air gets even hotter.
You are aware it will hurt you. Yet you can’t resist. You stand up and head towards the dance floor... her face lights up with a smile that brightens the night... That is all you long for, now.

A warm and sensual perfume. Intense crescendo. Amber nectar.

Interpreted by CÉCILE ZAROKIAN, parfumeuse

Top notes: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cardamom

Heart notes: Sambac Jasmine abs, Damascena Rose oil, Cumin, Patchouli

Base notes: Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean, Melilot abs, Amber Accord, Leather Accord, Benzoin, Muscs

35 ml. EdP, 10 ml. Travel spray, 1 ml. glass spray sample

Family: Spicy, Amber, Woody

Customer Reviews

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Tango....it's not just for fall or winter!

It is worth mentioning that I planned on wearing Tango in the fall and winter. There was a small drop on the top of my bottle (no leaking or I would have smelled it, especially in this heat.My guess was it was due to shipping and I kinda glad it happened or I might never have tried it in the summer) that I could't waste, now could I? The spicy amberie goodness seemed to almost caramelize and it was gorgeous. Go easy on the sprayer and make sure you aren't in the throes of humid heat, and you will be rewarded!

As usual, the selection and service at Indigo are both exemplary. The samples were from Ormonde Jayne and they were superb. Ann sent an extra and the perfume I received was a favorite that I first tried at Indigo and it seems only fitting that I should give Ann the well-earned and deserved business. While I am native Clevelander, I live in Southern California, and Indigo is not only my favorite perfumery, but calling 2nd place would be an understatement. I don't go anywhere else unless Indigo doesn't have it. This may seem like hyperbole, unless you have visited and if you have, you understand.

Thanks Ann!

We are humbled, Jack. Merci beaucoup! And, yes, we agree- Tango is a four season, any kind of mood lifter perfume!

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