The Lila Collection Perfume Sampler

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Indigo Perfumery has created the The Lila Collection Perfume Sampler geared toward the soon-to-be Mom, a new Mom or a Mom with a preference for softer scents.

A pregnant Mom soon finds out that she may experience scent in a different way. (The latest theory is that the increased blood flow in the body causes scents to reach the brain much quicker, and with heightened intensity.)

A new Mom faces the challenge of balancing the overwhelming duties of caring for a young child. Her fragrance should be on the gentler side when caring for the baby, yet she may also want to reach for a sensual fragrance on occasion.

Some may simply prefer a scent that is not overwhelming, but rather a fragrance that can be “discovered” and make her feel pretty.

All of the perfumes will allow you to experience the beauty of all natural ingredients, working with your own unique chemistry to evolve into your personal scent. The perfumes are 100% natural Eau de Parfums, some as a spray and some as oil roll-ons. All are modern, chic and long lasting.

Abel is a beautiful natural perfume brand from Amsterdam. Abel owner, Frances Shoemack, collaborated with the perfumer team of Isaac Sinclair (Green Cedar) and his wife and a Mom, Fanny Grau (Nurture).

Frances said “The addition of natural isolates to our formulas, means access to ingredients previously unavailable in a natural perfumers’ palette. Synthetic musk is used in 99% of perfume for its role as a fixative and ability to enhance the overall fragrance. But is also widely acknowledged as a toxin to humans and the environment. Being able to source a natural musk alternative (isolated from the ambrette seed) is a game-changer for us.”

Ambre Blends, an all natural, woman-owned brand from Indianapolis, produces high-quality, organic products. The perfumes are available in five delicate, all-natural, plant-based scents, produced with pure, vegan ingredients.

All of the products are cruelty-free with no animal testing.


Ambre Essence, an oil roll-on in the Ambre Blends collection (or any of the five Ambre Blends scents!) is gentle enough to remind her of her prettier side while never overwhelming the baby. A clean, sensual fragrance (and one of the top 5 perfumes at Indigo).

Solace Essence, another in the Ambre Blends line, builds on Ambre Essence with the addition of vanilla, and a rare, secret ingredient, creating a comforting, refreshing blend.

Green Cedar, an Abel parfum, is a breath of intoxicating fresh air. A rich floral wood with a subtle sweetness and warmth. A touch of Fresh.

Nurture, created by a mother for a mother, has a breath of innocence, yet is sensual at the same time. It is a soft fragrance with energizing orange blossom, calming rose, ginger for its ant-nausea properties and sandalwood for grounding. Nurture was originally created by Abel for the organic Dutch children’s clothing brand, Gray Label. It took a while, but we were finally able to bring it to Indigo!

Cobalt Amber is a sophisticated oriental, with bright pink pepper and juniper berry giving classic amber a modern twist. It is soft, sultry and very long-lasting on the skin. A great perfume for dressing up at night as well. As one Abel customer put it: “I'm really in love with this fragrance, it makes me feel fully myself.”

Green Cedar, Nurture and Cobalt Amber samples are 1 ml. of perfume in a 3 ml. glass spray vial. Ambre and Solace Essence samples are presented in a glass dauber vial that contains .5 ml. of the oil. 


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