Tian Di by Frassai

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Tian Di by Frassaï at Indigo Perfumery

In a garden hidden by clouds, on the mythical Mount Kunlun, Xiwangmu’s peach tree is a cosmic ladder that connects heaven and earth. Once every 3000 years the peaches ripen, and a lavish banquet is held. Offered to deities and royalty alike, it is said that the mere scent of this divine fruit grants immortality.

With simple elegance and subdued beauty, Tian Di invites this mystical communion with a ritual in fragrance. Earthy incense, rich green flowers, peach elixir and calming woods culminate to open the mind, purify the body and awaken the spirit.

A ritual for the senses, embodied in earthy incense, rich green flowers, peach elixir, and calming woods.


Top Notes: Ginger, Galbanum, Star Anise

Heart Notes: Olibanum, Peach Elixir, Red Chrysanthemum, Orris

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Chinese Incense, Tonkin Musk

50ml. EdP, 1 ml. glass spray sample

Perfumer: Olivier Gillotin 

Family: Woody Oriental

Certified Vegan and Cruelty-free

Made in NYC

“What is remarkable about Tian Di, and strongly suggests an ingenious assemblage, is the solidity of the accord (easily twenty-four hours on strip) not budging away from a glorious, slanting-sunlight glow. Great stuff.” ****Luca Turin


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