Vanille Havane

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Vanille Havane at Indigo Perfumery  

The newest release of the timeless olfactory wardrobe of Les Indémodables' Haute Parfumerie collection.

Perfumer Antoine Lie and founder Valérie Pulvérail wanted to celebrate the singular ingredient vanilla by taking you on an immersive Virtual Reality journey through its olfactive complexity. 

“When you take a vanilla bean, and smell it, the scent is very complex,” says Antoine Lie. “The idea was not just to do a typical candied sweet vanilla, the artificial flavor everyone is familiar with. Instead, I wanted to reveal all the rich facets in the bean, so I pushed the rum, cocoa, spices, tobacco, floral and leathery facets…”

Unique in house extracts used:
~ Vanilla ‘mauvais’ Comoros infusion Grand Cru : 9.1 % 
~ Cocoa Colombia ultrasound extract Grand Cru: 3.1 %
~ Jasmine Egypt concrete ‘distillat’ Grand Cru: 0.2%


Notes:  Rum, cocoa, dried fruits, tobacco, floral notes, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, woods, leather

Perfumer: Antoine Lie

Family: Ambery, Woody, Leathery

50 ml. EdP 17.5%, 1 ml. spray sample

Grand Cru = of the highest quality

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