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Vetiver by Hiram Green at Indigo Perfumery

It is always exciting when a new fragrance by Hiram Green arrives! 

Vetiver is what we imagine heartthrobs of Hollywood's golden age smelled like: elegant and charming, yet vigorous and adventuresome.

The perfume takes its name from and centers around vetiver, an extraordinary tropical grass that originates from India. Its smell is complex: at the same time fresh, spicy, earthy and woody. Although vetiver is a popular ingredient in men’s perfumes, inspiring examples of less masculine fragrances can certainly be found in perfume history. As you may expect, Hiram Green's Vetiver refuses to choose sides.

Vetiver opens with a sharp aromatic blend of citrus fruits, followed by fresh ginger. At its heart, all facets of vetiver are present. To add extra depth and complexity we included two varieties of vetiver, one from Haiti and the other from Java. Once the vetiver heart begins to subside, cedarwood and ambrette seed provide a soft and gentle finish.


Notes: Citrus, Ginger, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Ambrette seed

Family: Woody, Spicy

50 ml. EdP spray bottle, 1 ml. sample in glass spray bottle

Perfumer: Hiram Green

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