Violet Discovery Set

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$ 35.00
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Violet Discovery Set at Indigo Perfumery


 The 7 fragrances of the heritage range are presented in 2 ml. spray   vials! 


 A memorable spicy, woody accord with a composition that includes   incense, cedar, palo santo, elemi, chilli pepper and sandalwood.   Woody, a bit green, incense, hay and mysticism... 



 A very modern floral bouquet presented in a fragrance format.

 It opens with a fresh, sparkling start leading into its heart of white   flowers, with tuberose stealing the show. The base of iris, benzoin and   vanilla are kept in check by hay extract, preventing it from becoming   too virtuous. 



 A transparent ode to iris that takes your breath away. The orange   blossom/citrus opening sets the happy stage for its unusual   iris/carnation accord, refraining it from entering that dangerous   grandma’s iris heaviness.
 Yes, it seems delicate, but sandalwood and white musks offer their   tenacity in the drydown.



 A colorful perfume based on rose & violet with peach and plum notes   help to provide a juicy feel. Orris lends a powdery texture; moss &   leather notes keep it from becoming too sweet.



 Amber, warm, spicy, woody, peppery, vanilla, rich, round, opulent and   bewitching,

 Between nutmeg and tuberose, its surprising trail will envelop you.



 A stunning floral with pear, peony, freesia and iris, leading with   creamy  woods.



 A most unusual suede with tobacco leaf overtones. Radiant mimosa   brings a luminescent contrast to the notes of honey and hay. Prepare   to be complimented.

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