Winter in Manaslu

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Winter in Manaslu by hima jomo at Indigo Perfumery

Meandering through snow-capped mountain slopes as the icy air whistles around you.
Whispers on the breeze tell tales of fragrant musk deer hidden amongst the pines. 


In Manaslu, 8163 meters above sea level, cedar grows in the snow-capped Himalayan mountain slopes. It lives with the glacier, it silences the cold. Its scent is sculpted by the icy wind, clean. Contained by snow, pure and crisp.

Manaslu’s winter snowscape is like poetry on paper, we never know where we’re going next.

The musk deer confided its riddles softly, whispering on the breeze and under the song of the cedar. It wills us to get lost in an illusion at the top of the world, and enjoy the solitude like a snow leopard. Even the shadows in the depths of the caves have stopped in a frozen instant.


Top Notes: Peppermint, Vietnamese basil, Star anise

Heart Notes: Clary sage, Cypress, Pine needles

Base Notes: Himalayan cedarwood, Sandalwood, Ambrette seed (musk mallow)

Perfumer: Delphine Thierry

Family: Woody, Aromatic, Musky

50ml. Eau de Parfum, 1 ml. spray sample

97% natural origin ingredient
Gender-free scent
Made in France


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