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ånd fragrance in the U.S. is at Indigo Perfumery


Smell Good.

ånd’s owner and perfumer is Simon Constantine, who previously was the perfumer for Gorilla Perfumes, a division of Lush Cosmetics, where he worked for decades with his father, Mark Constantine. 



Do Good.

ånd intentionally works with indigenous communities around the world to obtain the specialty natural ingredients that are the focal point of each perfume. Each perfume is focused on a different natural ingredient cultivated by local farmers. They also help to protect their ecosytems in a regenerative manner.

The eight perfumes are vegan, cruelty free and handmade in Britain with packaging from recycled materials.

Unstink the world.

ånd describes it best, as only they can do:

"Maybe, just maybe, we can actually do some good - and help rebalance the relationship between humankind and the natural world at the same time.

Which is a hell of a lot more than most are doing!

By hand-sourcing and hand-formulating pure essential oils and essences, not some cheap chemical goop churned out in sterile, soulless factories. We’ll go further. This is just the start.

But if we can reduce the stench of exploitation, mindless consumption, flagrant and disgusting over-indulgence and pointless opulence, then it’s a smart place to start.

So let’s unstink the world.



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