and fragrance Sampler at Indigo

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and fragrance Sampler at Indigo Perfumery

“Smell good. Do good. Unstink the world.” 


Discover the eight perfumes of ånd fragrance, Indigo's newest line and arguably the funkiest! Its perfumer and creator is Simon Constantine, the former perfumer of Lush's Gorilla perfumes. Each fragrance is centered on a treasured, single heart note:

Bårk: Rosewood

Får: Yuzu / Lime

Påtch: Patchouli

Måd: Madagascan Vanilla

Båre: The Great Bear Rainforest woods

Beån: Tonka Bean

Frånk:  Frankincense

Sånd: Sandalwood



Simon takes his ethical, environmental commitments very seriously.


Eight 1 ml. spray samples for $40. 

You will also receive a coupon code for $10 off one 50 ml. bottle from the ånd fragrance Sampler!

The samples are provided in 3 ml. glass spray vials filled with 1 ml. of perfume. The samples are prepared by hand with the actual, original perfume from the perfumer.

Exclusively at Indigo.

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