Fathom V by BeauFort London

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$ 4.00
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Inspired by the magnetic, dangerous pull of the water, Fathom V takes its queues from Shakespearean dramas-

The Tempest and Hamlet.

A challenging aquatic "fougere" fragrance, Fathom V is intensely green yet dark, counterposing top notes of rich mosses with aromatic herbals and the sparkle of juniper and tangerine. Floral undertones of thyme, lily, jasmine and ylang ylang blend with spicy ginger, cumin and black pepper to form the heart notes, while the composition rests on an intense base of woods, patchouli, vetiver, salt, incense and Atlas cedar.

The overall effect is one of seductive, enveloping depths.

50 ml. EdP, 1 ml. glass vial spray


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