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BeauFort London at Indigo Perfumery

Indigo features one of the most unusual and creative perfume lines we have seen in a long time.

Leo Crabtree is the man behind BeauFort. Previously known as the drummer for the British band, The Prodigy, Leo had a difficult time finding a wax product that would keep his trademark handlebar mustache in place during his live sets with the band, so he set about creating one with a beekeeper friend. Although producing his Moustache Finishing Wax seemed to be an odd step to take, he soon began producing a men's grooming range. The logical progression was a series of conceptual fragrances... and now BeauFort London has created five truly unique perfumes which you can discover below.


BeauFort London's collection of fine fragrances are designed to resonate with British identity and challenge the boundaries of contemporary perfumery. Drawing from the rich historical narratives of England, BeauFort London has created powerfully evocative, provocative fragrances. All are entirely produced in Great Britain.

The perfumers are Julie Marlowe and Julie Dunkley.


FYI: the Beaufort Scale displays the meteorological measurement of wind, coined by a Royal Navy officer, Sir Francis Beaufort, in 1805. The scale is still in use today to measure wind speed on land or the sea. Its numbers range from 0, with calm winds, up to 12, which is hurricane force winds. Leo's grandfather was in the navy, his father owned a boat and he grew up around sailing and the sea. In fact, his first home was a boat on the River Thames.


BeauFort's ‘Come Hell or High Water’ collection drew heavily from Britain’s nautical past for inspiration. The collection is bold, sometimes contrary, but at all times driven by innate curiosity and a desire to expand experience.


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