EX NIHILO at Indigo Perfumery

EX NIHILO is a Parisian fragrance house founded in 2013 by a young trio from Paris. 

Sylvie Loday, Olivier Royère and Benoît Verdier, three cosmopolitan Parisians, opened EX NIHILO at 352 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris with a common desire to propose an ultimate luxurious perfume experience with innovative fragrance collections and an exclusive level of personalized services.

Inspired by both the creative Avant-Garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, EX NIHILO aims to express its own conception of personalized luxury in all its forms, bringing to the fore the pinnacle of know-how and the most splendid, high quality raw materials in perfumery.


Benoît Verdier, Olivier Royère and Sylvie Loday

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