Arborist by Jorum Studio

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Arborist by Jorum Studio at Indigo

Arborist: an ode to enchanting woodllands, the likes of which are found across the perfumer's native Scotland. Be warned, Arborist is not just lumber. It is an imagined day-in-the-life of a Virideer (the keeper of the grass or green wood in a forest). 

Arborist possesses an overwhelming and spirited opening mellowing into sun-bleached woods, malted cereals and worked-skin. A symphony of nature untamed.

The core structure of Arborist is redolent of many great Scots timbers; their leaves, flowers, fruits, roots and soil being the quintessential portrait of the forest.

Arborist presents a unique blend of raw flowers, botanicals, resin sap, underwood and surprising forest fruits. Resolutely sylvan and intriguingly multifaceted with more than a hint of human skin, oily tool and distilling elixirs haunting from afar.


Notes: Quince, Honey, Saffron, Osmanthus Absolute, Magnolia, Burdock, Papyrus, Mugwort, Rose Absolute, Tuberose, Myrrh Absolute, Spruce Resin, Douglas Fir, Labdanum, Jatamansi, Malt, Lichen

Family: Woody

Perfumer: Euan McCall

30 ml EdP, 1 ml. glass spray sample 

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