Jorum Studio


Jorum Studio at Indigo Perfumery

Consciously handcrafted fragrance.
Proudly made in Scotland.

Jorum Studio is an independent fragrance brand based in Edinburgh, Scotland, launched in 2019. Euan McCall is the perfumer and creator.

Jorum's Scottish Odyssey Collection just arrived! The Scottish Odyssey is an exploration of the folklore and mystery engrained in our past and present. A contemporary fantasy built around the everyday; extending beyond geography into attitude, humour and culture. Grounded and earthy, joyful and irreverent. Meet Rose Highland, Gorseland, Firewater and Healing Berry.

The Progressive Botany Series Vol. I collection is made in Edinburgh, Scotland using the most exquisite raw materials, presenting these in advanced compositions that stimulate discussion and ultimately provide enjoyment. The collection is made to delight and challenge in equal measure.

The collection takes its references from nature. Its aim is to study, question, recalibrate and augment natural phenomena with both complimentary and opposing materials (natural and manufactured) to create vivid and rich olfactory responses and stories.


Indigo Perfumery is excited to bring these fascinating perfumes to you in the U.S.. We are always looking for perfumes of the highest quality and when we discovered the fabulous Senyoko line and found out that they were created by Euan at Jorum Studio, we knew we had to bring them to Indigo.


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