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Elegy by Jorum Studio at Indigo Perfumery

The fading memory of a perfume once worn.

Showcasing some of perfumery’s most prized materials, Elegy starts with a burst of earl-grey tinted Bergamot and Petitgrain accompanied by the gentle warmth of cognac-tinged Geranium. The resulting trichord shines so intensely before fading as quickly as it appeared, evolving into a mournful sigh of late summer Honeysuckle and pollen-drunk Heather Absolute.

Elegy fades to a luxurious swathe of exotic and precious absolutes, musk and slow-burning resins which undulate in perfect harmony – a nostalgic and graceful offering of remembrance.

Enduring and resilient Hay absolute, aged Oud oil and cashmere-soft Patchouli absolute extends a comforting consolation. 

Perfume made and assembled by hand in Scotland.


Impression: Bergamot, Lavender*, Honeysuckle, Petitgrain & Heather Absolute

Fade: Jasmine Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute, Rose Absolute, Geranium Bourbon, Ambrette Seed, Benzoin, Cedar Absolute, Patchouli Absolute, Hay Absolute, Oakmoss Absolute, Musk**, Labdanum Absolute, Oud, Ambergris**

*Hyper-local source from Scottish Lavender oils

** Of synthetic origin

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