LEN Fragrance


Louis XIV, the French Sun King, loved life, love and, above all, fragrances. He obtained some of his most opulent fragrances from the French perfumer Monsieur Jérôme de la Lènes. De la Lènes was also very popular amongst the Parisian bourgoisie and noblesse of the time. After his passing, his son François entrusted some of his father’s best formulas to his great love, the pretty Countess Artukhovskaya von Olnhausen, whom he met on one of his travels through Europe at the time, in the early 18th century.

More than 200 years later, the Countess’s descendants discovered the formulas buried among various other old documents and trouvailles. Together with the famous French perfumer Michel Almairac, the great-great- granddaughter of Countess Arukhovskaya von Olnhausen, Jelena von Olnhausen, breathed new life into the old formulas. Almairac skillfully interpreted the trouvailles in a modern way.

The first launches of the extraordinary niche brand LEN were born.


**The caps are manufactured by Technicaps in France, and the painted bottles and packaging are designed

by Thierry de Baschmakoff, an iconic figure in both the design and perfume worlds.

**All fragrances produced by LEN contain a high concentration of pure perfume oils, ranging from 23% to 30%.

This makes LEN's scents some of the strongest perfumes available.

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