Maison Sybarite


Maison Sybarite at Indigo Perfumery


Indigo is excited to introduce our customers to the world's first water-based fine fragrances-

a next generation, alcohol and cruelty-free perfume line created by master perfumers.


Launched at the end of 2019 and driven by a vision to change the face of the perfume industry in a safe and sustainable way, the perfumes are made without ethyl alcohol, chemical solvents or texturing agents. They are conceived, manufactured, and packaged in France.

Maison Sybarite's “eau de parfum” debut collection consisted of four sophisticated scents: 720, Opulent Wood, Bed of Roses, and Spicy Calabria.

Maison Sybarite originally tapped famous French master perfumer, Antoine Lie, to help create 720, Opulent Wood and Bed of Roses. Spicy Calabria was created by Laure Santantoni. Amber Gaze, released on October 15, 2020, was created by Master Parfumer, Antoine Lie.  

Maison Sybarite’s water-based fragrances use innovative microemulsion (oil in water-O/W) techniques to blend their scents. This unique manufacturing process blends oily active ingredients with water by leveraging saponin, a natural organic solvent, directly extracted from plants. The result is a silky emulsion made from water, saponine and olive oil. This symbiosis of skin and fragrance offers a unique sensorial experience.

The Maison Sybarite perfumes spray the fine, non-oily, non-sticky milky white fragrance with special pump atomizers specifically developed for the texture. They are totally fine to apply on hair without risk of drying or damaging it.

The high concentration level of the aromatic compounds ensures the intensity of the fragrance on the skin, with 16% concentration.

In conjunction with each other, this symbiosis of skin and fragrance offer a unique sensorial experience.

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