Manos Gerakinis Parfums


Manos Gerakinis Parfums at Indigo Perfumery

Manos Gerakinis Parfums, the first niche luxury Greek perfume house, is free spirited and contemporary with a rich history of self-expression encouraging the individual’s true beauty to emerge.

Manos Gerakinis spent his childhood in Kavala, Greece with memories of the cultivation of saffron, tobacco, labdanum and honey amongst others.  He knew since then that every bottle is more than a mere perfume; it is a living olfactory experience, unique and mysterious.

MANOS GERAKINIS PARFUMS intends to make its wearer the pole of attraction for those around him. Its logo, an E and a G, resembling the Delphic Epsilon, relates to the connection of man to light.

Similar to Greece, MANOS GERAKINIS PARFUMS is a meeting point between the East and the West with a warm and uplifting view in perfumery that stands out through its simplicity.



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