Nomad Noé Candles

Nomad Noé candles have arrived at Indigo!

"What do you have in common with an ancient Persian king, a Harlem-raised Vaudeville singer or a Chines feminist poet?

Nomad Noé is inspired by bringing people together and by the power of storytelling. We celebrate unique moments and places in time that influenced transformative figures who shaped our greater collective.

With our first collection of perfumed candles, we invite you on a journey that reveals the essences of five unique individuals in their wonderment and wander."


Discovered and designed in Nomad, NYC

Perfume crafted in Grasse, France

Porcelain set ablaze in Chaozhou, China

Sustainable packaging manufactured in Ohio, USA

Blend of coconut and mineral waxes hand-poured in Normandy, France

Entirely Cruelty Free



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