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Perris Monte Carlo introduces Shining Moon as the newest of the Gold Collection!


Founded in 1981 by Michele Perris and based in Monte Carlo, Perris Monte Carlo is now run by Gian Luca Perris, the second generation of the Perris family to be involved.

As Creative Director, he is devoted to bringing back the true art of perfumery and the mission of sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world.

Inspired by travel and the encounter with rich and diverse cultures, Perris Monte Carlo is the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. 

The Perris Monte Carlo fragrances are a masterpiece of perfumery art. Each Collection is created with the most exceptional and noble raw materials.** 



Paying Tribute to the art of French Perfumery

An exclusive fragrance collection paying tribute to the history and unique craftsmanship of the art of perfumery in Pays de Grasse. In 2018, UNESCO inscribed the Regions of Grasse on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in light of their exceptional knowledge associated with the cultivation of perfume plants, the knowledge and processing of natural raw materials, and the art of perfume composition.

Les Parfums de Grasse include Mimosa Tanneron and Lavande Romaine, as well as Jasmin de Pays and Rose de Mai.

The Nose behind the Grasse Collection is the legendary perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena.



Paying Tribute to the Citrus Essences

After traveling the world hunting for raw materials, the inspiration for the Italy collection took place in the enamoring countryside of Southern of Italy. The collection highlights the citrus fruit family found in Capua – the top creator of citrus essential oils since 1880.

The Italy Collection pays tribute to and spotlights the citrus essence by capturing the warmth of the sun rays and natural attributes of the heart, while accentuating the natural characteristics of the citrus with hints of citron, mandarin, bergamot and blood orange.


Luca Maffei is the Nose behind Cedro di Diamante and Bergamotto di Calabria; Mandarino di Sicilia was authored by Gian Luca Perris.

The Nose behind the latest perfumes, Neroli Meditteraneo and Arancia di Sicilia, is Gian Luca Perris.



Paying Tribute to The Middle East

The Gold Collection consists of  Shining Moon, Perris Monte Carlo's newest fragrance, along with the first four scents created for the launch of Perris Monte Carlo in 2012, Ambre Gris, Bois DOud, Essence de Patchouli and Musk Extrême.

It is sophisticated with a modern take on an oriental collection with Middle East influences. They were inspired by traveling the picturesque countries and by the great culture of perfume's natural raw materials that you experience in every moment during your stay in Middle East. These experiences are manifested the ultimate mix of blends, each evoking exclusivity, prestige and elegance.



Paying Tribute to Unique Natural Resources

Created through extensive research into some of the world’s most exceptional raw materials, Perris presents the outstanding collection of fragrances that have been recognized by the beauty trade industry professionals, as well as consumers. The Black Collection includes the new Vetiver Java, along with Oud Imperial, Rose de Taif, Patchouli Nosy Be, Ylang Ylang Nosy Be, Absolue dOsmanthe, Santal du Pacifique, Tubéreuse AbsolueCacao Azteque and Vanille de Tahiti.

**All of the Perris Monte Carlo perfumes are Eau de Parfums, with 20% concentration.

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