Bergamotto di Calabria by Perris Monte Carlo

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Bergamotto di Calabria by Perris Monte Carlo at Indigo


The bergamot is a hybrid between a bitter orange and a lemon. They are found and grown exclusively in Calabria, Southern Italy along the Ionian Coast.

Bergamotto Di Calabria contains the precious material called the ‘Bergamot sponge’. The extraction is still done manually. First the fruit is sliced in half and the pulp is manually removed with a special incurved knife. Then the rind is compressed on a natural sponge in a circular motion to collect the essence. The essence accumulated is the most delicate and complex and resembles a fruity and floral note of jasmine. As Cafleurebon describes it, "astoundingly floral and fruity, this is a bergamot that feels truly “alive” jumping off your skin and making you dizzy with its beauty."

Bergamotto Di Calabria returns to the origins and traditional techniques to seize the best raw materials and enriches them with a drop of modernity. The result is a composition that encloses the freshness of bergamot making it, after a long working process, persistent and energetic.


Top Notes: Bergamot Spugna Capua, Petitgrain Paraguay, Timur Pepper J, Pink Pepper

Heart Notes: Orange Flower Water Capua, Moroccan Neroli, Absolue Orange Blossom, Jasmin Absolue

Base Notes: Iris, Sandalwood, Vetiver Haiti, Musk


Perfumer:  Luca Maffei

100 ml. EdP spray  and 1 ml. glass spray sample

Family: Citrus

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