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Since the ancient times, the recipes of love potions were secretly preserved.

Ancient formulas and centuries-old legends were meant to create desire that the other one could not resist.

In the 19th century, these potions were recorded in pharmaceutical books and discovered in 2016 by sous le manteau.




Creative Director: Olivia Bransbourg  

Olivia studied art history, developing her career in museums and galleries in Germany, England, and France.

In 2006, Olivia launched her own magazine ICONOfly in Paris and later the fragrance brand ATTACHE MOI

The Values

-Authentic 19th century potions

-Made in France / Excellence in all details

-Collaboration with great artists and distribution through unique venues

-For men and women

    The Prescription:

    A quiz based on the client profile to suggest the best love elixir:

    take the test HERE.

    Discover your love potion.

    Be seduced/ get seduced.



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