Thomas De Monaco

Thomas De Monaco just arrived at Indigo Perfumery!

For over twenty years, Paris-based photographer Thomas De Monaco has been creating campaigns for international clients and luxury brands.

At the center of his photography is always the poetic power, which he brings to life through sensual collages and stylish arrangements.



With the medium of fragrance, he has expanded his emotional repertoire to another level of experience. After three years of intensive work, he finally presented his first Eau de Parfum Raw Gold in December 2020. Immediately, Raw Gold by Thomas De Monaco gained a mysterious reputation and became a must-wear for lovers of rare artistry perfumes.

With the completion of Raw Gold, Thomas De Monaco decided to establish his own manufacturing facility, giving him the opportunity to influence every stage of the process.



Looking for a suitable location, he found a space in Zurich, in a factory built by Gustave Eiffel. A place that gives him the necessary freedom to control the creation, maceration, cooling, filtration and bottling, as well as packaging. 

His focus is on the intensity of pure perfumes.

With Eau Coeur, Thomas De Monaco presents his second scent in which this new way of creation and production is applied for the first time.

The second scent and first perfume.



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