Voyages Imaginaires



Voyages Imaginaires just arrived at Indigo Perfumery!

Voyages Imaginaires is a French perfume house created by Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen in 2020.

Their inspiration, the Voyage, is real or imaginary.


Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen have always been unreasonably fond of natural materials.

Natural: an alternative to synthetIcs and a new, natural way of perfumIng as a new song on each skIn, whose melody evolves and changes throughout the day.

A complex route of reinventing creatIon usIng a restrIcted palette, shunnIng the ever-present molecules of modern perfumery. Raw materIals are sculpted without recourse to stalwart synthetics. A wild challenge, met wIth exhilaration. 

To smell good, naturally.

Camille Goutal

~Comes from a family of artists: a mother perfumer, a father painter, a father-in-law cellist

~Was a photographer for many years at the same time as her job as a perfumer

~Leads the artistic direction of Voyages Imaginaires

Isabelle Doyen

~Studied at the ISIPCA school where she later transmitted her love of raw materials by teaching olfaction

~Has created many fragrances for brands such as Goutal, Naomi Goodsir, Rouje, Bonton and Les Nez perfumes


100% natural fragrances in organic wheat alcohol,  for women and men.


Isabelle Doyen's Laboratory

The Bottle

A rectangular 75 ml vaporizer of translucent glass, pure timeless lines,

classically faceted, with a thick base and refillable. It reveals a surprise on its flip side: a photo delicately appears through the crystalline glass.



An apothecary-like 100 ML bottle with the same label. Tinted glass protects the natural formula.


The Boxes

Full paper construction from top to bottom, strengthened with SOLVENT-FREE ADHESIVE, the boxes are 100% recyclable.

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