YeYe Parfums


"Handcrafted In-House, from Idea, to Composition, to Bottling"

YeYe Parfums, founded by Ryan York and Ernesto Sanchez Bujanda, is an independent, artisanal perfume house, specializing in creating fragrances that are distinct, blending European and American traditions, using only the finest raw materials from around the world. 

"We have carefully chosen a few high quality raw materials, of natural origin, and a few superb modern molecules, which are present in each composition, giving each fragrance a sense of belonging and a unique style. And by using an in-house, special process of maceration, we have achieved our vision, thus putting our own unique mark on the fragrance market."

EQUUS No 8 was introduced early 2015, SENTIERS De COMÈTES and Y.O.R.K. No 7 were launched in Fall, 2015, giving the brand a Trio of Parfums.

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