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Welcome jima jomo Fragrances - A New Arrival at Indigo Perfumery

by Mary Farrell 12 Sep 2022

This wonderful collection of four hima jomo fragrances is new to the US, and we are proud to offer it here at Indigo Perfumery.


Made in France, inspired by the natural beauty and majesty of the Himalayas, each hima jomo fragrance represents one of the four seasons: 

Spring in Bome

A lush valley awakened by the arrival of spring, where the fresh scent of greenery and ripeness of peach blossoms elicit a sense of renewal

Summer in Paro:

Coniferous tree trunks shed golden tears and the resinous scent hovers in the mist, along with the sweet, ambrosial scent of beehive and honey on the cliffs colliding with the faint burning incense of the monastery.

Autumn in Lhoka:

Autumn is the harvest season. The scent of barley is in the air. Tibetans celebrate and appreciate this gift from nature with incense, singing and dancing. Autumn is like a hug from nature, making you feel comfort and hope.

Winter in Manaslu:

Winter is a surprise. Reflecting the snow-capped mountain slopes and icy air, it begins with a refreshing blast of peppermint. Pine, cedarwood and sandalwood reflect the mountains covered with trees. Musky scents whisper on the breeze as the musk deer and snow leopards pass by.

Want to try all four?  They all can be ordered in sample sizes!



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