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Indigo Perfumery welcomes Curionoir all the way from New Zealand!

Curionoir creates fragrances "for those who seek something beautiful, something uncommon, something that can enhance a moment, something that has been made with true care and appreciation..."

Creator Tiffany Witehira, the founder of Curionoir and a New Zealand native, was born into a family of strong, creative women and grew up immersed in Maori culture. She has always retained a fascination for the wonder and mystery she felt in her youth. Her celebration of the interesting and uncommon gave birth to her brand.   

In Tiffany’s products, you will find a celebration of fine craft, the uncommon and days of old. Through them, Tiffany’s heritage is passed on, her gift to you. 

Each Extrait de Parfum is rich, dense and long lasting on the skin, and Curionoir’s chosen language in which to gift the sense of smell. 

Curionoir’s fragrances are presented in their new, curved 50 ml. bottles, bringing an experience back to an age we have forgotten. Petite 4 ml. "pocket parfums" are also available for on the go / slip in your pocket. A little goes a long way with these pure Extrait de Parfums.

The final ingredient to a Curionoir Parfum is your skin. Apply your Parfum anywhere on your beautiful body you choose. 

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Curionoir create fragrances and taonga, rare objet d’art that evoke memories in a world of sensory intangibles. Smell is the only sense that connects directly to memory. In this way, parfums are stories, binding the past to the present, weaving worlds together.

The fragrances created by Curionoir are designed for skin and space, their essence blending with the wearer to create an utterly unique experience: a story entirely their own. Curionoir is built on deeply rooted traditions and memories of relatives; weaving flax, carving bone and wood, mixing tinctures of native herbs. Tiffany Witehira (ngā puhi) draws on her own past to respond to the rich, varied history of perfumery.

In Tiffany’s creations you will find a celebration of fine craft for the curious of heart, mind and nose. Experiencing them, you may share in her wonder at the beauty of biology. And through them Tiffany’s heritage is passed on, her gift to you: Curionoir.


Formulated in France, hand bottled in Auckland, New Zealand. 

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