Floratropia just arrived at Indigo Perfumery!


The wild and botanical side of fragrance.

Floratropia, founded in 2019 by Karine Torrent, is a French botanical fragrance house that makes fragrance go wild. The young house crafts 100% botanical fragrances with creativity and sustainability at heart. 

"In our search for another perfume model, we choose natural. Wildly. Exclusively. Passionately."

Flora / tropia, turning to flowers (flora)


Exploring a new aesthetics of fragrance where raw naturals bloom untamed in their naked beauty, FLORATROPIA takes you on a new olfactory journey to discover the wild and botanical side of fragrance. 

A re-enchanted experience. Bold, singular, sincere.

Petrochemical-free, etically-sourced, clean, and refillable, Floratropia aims at a new art of fragrance with a purpose: infuse a positive change in the world of perfume.


"In my opinion, 100% natural perfumery is the new “niche” of perfumery."  Karine Torrent in NEZ

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