Isabelle Larignon

New Arrival: the artistic perfumes of Isabelle Larignon!

Isabelle Larignon, an independent perfume designer, published her first fragrance in 2021, Le Flocon de Johann K. The idea was not to create a brand and give people something to look at, but to give people something to smell, a cosmopoetic story that would reopen the dialogue between skin and fragrance.

 After a confidential launch, the perfume came to the attention of the editor-in-chief of NEZ magazine, who suggested that the perfumer sell it online on the AU PARFUM website.

And so the adventure began…

"I see my personal creative work as that of an author who, once a year, publishes a new story made up of words and olfactory molecules. Like a novelist, I like to take the time to be inhabited by the story that is about to take shape. And I want to be free to tell all the possible stories without being limited by a brand’s restrictive marketing position. So I’m neither a brand nor a concept..."

Isabelle Larignon


Le Flocon de Johann K, edited in May 2021

Milky Dragon, edited in June 2022

Bangla Yāsaman, edited in June 2023

Packaged in 50 ml and 10 ml bottles, each edition is handstamped and numbered.

The perfume concentrates created in Paris by Isabelle Larignon are made in Grasse and then diluted in denatured organic wheat alcohol,

without the addition of preservatives, colouring agents or chemical filters.

Perfumes are alive and therefore fragile. Like wine, they are bound to change.

They should be kept away from light, in a cool, dry place. Each formula is designed to comply with IFRA regulations..

The paper used for our packaging is FSC and PEFC certified.

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