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Provision Scents at Indigo Perfumery 

As a life-long sufferer of insomnia, perfumer Sherri Sebastian decided to take a journey to gain a new perspective.
 While traveling in Belize, she met a healer who offered an oil to place on her pillow, one that promised vivid dreams. She tried it and awoke feeling refreshed, and—she recalled the vivid color in her dreams. 

Intrigued, she continued this nightly “pillow ritual” and soon noticed her focus had shifted from insomnia to dreaming. This new perspective led to the creation of the first product in the Provision collection: Dream Extract. 


What followed was a new approach to beauty products and self-care.


All Provision fragrances are crafted with precision and purpose.

They include grounding, purifying, meditative + protective properties naturally found in the botanical essences they comprise.

Each Provision product features a unique scent designed specifically for a part of the body. Used in tandem, they complement one another, and enhance your scent experience as a whole.

Provision products are: multi-use, transparent, renewable, recyclable, dermatologist tested, paraben free, botanically-based and made in the USA.

Provision ingredients are: sustainable, natural, nature-inspired, globally sourced and non-GMO.


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