Senyokô at Indigo Perfumery



Established in 2016 by Joseph and Eglantine Berthion, Senyokô is a Paris-based, independent fragrance brand.

Senyokô demonstrates a unique fusion of French luxury and Japanese elegance by blending avant-garde elements from literature, fine arts, and music rooted in both Eastern and Western cultures. 

Senyokô chooses only the finest raw materials in the perfumery industry and never limits the nose’s budget, as it is a product-focused brand that prioritizes the quality and uniqueness of its products. The juices have been macerated for 6+ months(industry avg. 4-8 weeks) to reach the best performance regarding both longevity and projection. Neither water nor coloring has ever been added to its creations.

Senyokô applies a perfectly round “shoji” window inspired by “satori no mado” (meaning “window of enlightenment”, found in Genko-an Temple, Kyoto, Japan) to the packaging of its one-of-a-kind fragrances’ outer sleeve. The sleeve serves as a "byobu" (Japanese screen), veiling the alluring inner box drawing. The inner box drawing is partly visible through the "shoji" window on the sleeve, interacting with the illustration on the window itself.

Every panoramic inner box drawing is created by Senyokô’s award-winning illustrator with an average of 160+ hours of production time. Each set of Senyokô’s unique box is hand-finished by a strictly selected manufacturer, who is specialized in small batch box crafting.



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