Shalini Parfum

The seventh beautiful S H A L I N I pure parfum, Fleur Japonais, launches on September 1st and is now available for preordering at Indigo.


Shalini has created an opulent collection of Pure Parfums, each presented in a beautiful collection of Glass bottles and a White Lacquer and Gold-plated Travel Spray.  


The full Collection of parfums includes Vanille Rêve, Iris Lumière, Shalini, Jardin Nocturne, Amorem Rose and Paradis Provence.  The Collection represents the only complete line of parfums created by Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel.   Shalini launched her Parfum Collection in 2004, as an addition to her Haute Couture line of women’s clothing – a world of luxurious fabrics and time-honored craftsmanship with a reverence for design. 

The vision behind Shalini Parfum is to create something of beauty, of lasting value and of the ethereal that will stand the test of time.  The parfums are considered Modern Masterpieces. 

As creative director, Shalini desired to bring the same sense of luxury and beauty of Haute Couture to perfume when she created Shalini Parfum.  Haute Parfum.

The Series, infused with the essence of luxury, reflects the changing moods and passions of the soul.  Shalini uses the most precious oils, florals and notes of the natural world for her parfums.


Shalini Parfums are listed amongst the top ten most luxurious fragrances in the world.  Amorem Rose was a finalist for The Fragrance Foundation awards in 2019.   The opulent parfum is the signature scent of The Pierre, NY, a Taj Hotel.  Follow Shalini Parfum on instagram @shaliniparfum.

Here is a bit more about the stunning perfumes of S H A L I N I :



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