Sylvaine Delacourte

Sylvaine Delacourte's Orange Blossom Collection at Indigo Perfumery 



Sylvaine Delacourte was the former Director of Olfactory Evaluation at the venerable Guerlain (and the only female director in 180 years). 

She embarked on perfumery fervently and completely; her love for beautiful ingredients defined the path that led her to create pure bottled emotion.

After several years as Fragrance Director at Maison Guerlain, she wanted to share her vision of tenderness and serenity via her first collection.  This collection is “her”: sweet, complete, generous.

Sylvaine Delacourte has opened the doors to her world for us, playing with textures and contrasts. This is a unique, addictive olfactory experience.


The first collection, Collection Muscs, features ONE star ingredient, MUSK.

It is embracing, it combines comfort and sensuality: it is musk, a pashmina in perfume form.

In the second collection, Collection VanilleSylvaine Delacourte chose to work with natural VANILLA beans and not with synthetics. Madagascar’s vanilla was used for its depth and its distinguished, faceted aspect.

Sylvaine now introduces the third collection, Collection Fleur d'Oranger (ORANGE BLOSSOM ).

In aromatherapy, the orange blossom is known to relax, reassure and awaken positive thoughts.In perfumery, the challenge was to dress the orange blossom differently each time and give it several faces: sparkling, bright, delicious, sensual or even charismatic.

Sylvaine's wish was to modernize it and bring it complexity, elegance, and the unexpected that we expect from a perfume.

The Bitter Orange tree produces neroli, orange blossom water and orange blossom absolute. Its twigs and leaves become petitgrain. The zest of the fruit produces the essence of bitter orange.

It also evokes the sweetness of childhood; the orange blossom was an enchantment during all Sylvaine's travels, whether in Seville in Spain or in Marrakech in Morocco.


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