Von Eusersdorff

Von Eusersdorff brings back the flower as the traditional ornament for fragrances with a true commitment to authenticity.

Floral designs, ubiquitous from the end of the nineteenth century, are rare today as most of the contemporary “mass” perfume labels bear the name of the couture designer. The design for the Von Eusersdorff label is based on the flowers themselves. It also goes back in history as it draws attention to the label’s founders on the name of the label.

The Von Eusersdorffs are a skilled family of German emigrants who ran an apothecary for nearly three centuries, dealing in rare perfume materials, spices and herbs. Today, New York is the habitat and inspiring workplace of the passionate creatives behind the Von Eusersdorff label.

The director, Camille Henfling-Von Eusersdorff is the wizard behind the label’s rebirth and a direct heir to the Von Eusersdorff lineage. Childhood remembrances include the heavily scented atmosphere of his grandfather’s apothecary, holidays spent exploring the rich, aromatic textures inside the warehouses of his family’s plantation in Cost Rica, and days spent wandering about the herbs and spice mills in the Netherlands.

Welcome to the “Inspiringly Different Fragrances” of Von Eusersdorff.

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