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Antonio Alessandria Parfums at Indigo Perfumery

  Living is breathing.

We breathe, but not only to live.

Our scent instantly transforms
our aura
into something more emotional.

An aroma can trigger an elusive memory
like a story in a series of frames.

This is my own idea of a perfume,
a memory, an emotion, a dream.

My fragrances are stories of my life,
my imagination
and my secrets.

-Antonio Alessandria


 Antonio Alessandria, a Perfume Storyteller


Antonio Alessandria was born and raised in Catania, Sicily.

After becoming an electronic engineer, he eventually identified that his real passion was artisanal perfumery.

He did his professional training with Mouillette & Co in Italy and Cinquième Sens in Paris before opening his own perfumery named Boudoir 36 in 2005.

Antonio still resides in Catania in his family home, walking to Boudoir 36 in five minutes!


He strongly believes in fragrances as a form of art and has collaborated with several artists in multisensorial exhibitions.


Antonio's latest collaboration is with Der Duft, with his creation of In Flagranti in September, 2023.


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