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Bon Parfumeur's Les Privés Line- 903, 303 and 104: 

Looking for beauty, rarity, and absolute exclusivity, Les Privés by Bon Parfumeur celebrate the most beautiful formulas elaborated by the unique talent of perfumers. These creations honor the rare, in overdoses or unusual raw materials. A bold nature conducive to emotional shocks...

Bon Parfumeurs perfumes, made in Grasse, France, provide a fragrance for every mood, every emotion. The French perfume creators include Alexandra Monet, Benoît Lapouza, Corinne Cachen, Karine Dubreuil, Nathalie Koobus, Philippe Romano, Sidone Lancesseur and Serge de Oliviera.


Bon Parfumeur's perfumes can be layered for even more personalization.

The beautiful, color-coded bottles feature a three digit number that correspond to the the ingredients inside and their olfactory family.

For the first time, one can even personalize their own label to mark a special moment or to gift to someone. The client selects a fragrance and then personalizes the text to be printed on the perfume label. The personalisation can be a name or a message - at the client’s whim!

Collect. Layer. Gift.

Each perfume is identified by three numbers and its three main, identifiable notes.

The first number and bottle label color identify the olfactory family and the two remaining numbers reveal its order of creation in that family.

The olfactory families are:

100- Floral     200- Fruity     300- Amber and Spices    

400- Oriental     500- Gourmand     600- Woody     700- Aromatic

    800- Aquatic     900- Special     000- Cologne   



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