Floris London

British family perfumers since 1730, Floris has been providing uncompromising fragrances for stylish generations. The oldest independent family perfumer in the world and the only appointed perfumer to Her Majesty the Queen, Floris is the original and authentic fragrance house.
Floris London uses only the finest quality fragrance oils and ingredients.

It is still based in the original Jermyn Street store, where two stories below the main floor, they continue to discover bottles and ingredients that have not seen the light of day in decades.

A true treasure trove.

Floris is not resting on its laurels however. They are dedicated to developing a range of new products with the utmost attention to detail and the unconventional spirit of London.

The in-house perfumer produces creations that are given approval by Edward Bodenham, the Floris ‘nose’ and 9th generation of the Floris family.

All of the products are made in England at their family-owned production facilities in Devon


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